2x Compatible Ink Cartridge For Epson Printer XP-102 XP-315 XP-205 XP-212 XP-425

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Compatible No 18XL High Capacity Ink Cartridges For Epson 18XL Multipack C13T18164010

2 SETS | 8 Ink Cartridges

These New sealed Compatible ink cartridge. With Chipped Ready To Install. Fast Delivery from UK. No Risk Money Back 100% Guarantee. 
Manufacturer: A1
Part Number: E1811 X1, E1812 X1,  E1813 X1, E1814 X1, E1816 SET
Colour: Black X1  Cyan X1,   Magenta   Yellow  X1     BCMY,
Yield:  18ml,         15ml ,         15ml,         15ml,            63ml ,
Product Type: InkJet Printer Cartridges
Status: Compatible
Condition: New

USE With

These Epson Expression printers works the E1816 ink cartridge:

Expression XP-102     Expression XP-202  Expression XP-205     
Expression XP-212     Expression XP-215  Expression XP-225
Expression XP-30       Expression XP-302  Expression XP-305     
Expression XP-312     Expression XP-315  Expression XP-322
Expression XP-325     Expression XP-402  Expression XP-405     
Expression XP-405wh Expression XP-412  Expression XP-415
Expression XP-422     Expression XP-425