Cool Indian Flower Water Rose Rohe Gulaab White Attar 3ML Glass Bottle Musk 3ml

Cool Indian Flower Water Rose Rohe Gulaab White Attar 3ML Glass Bottle Musk 3ml

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3ML  Exquisitely soft and smooth "Maidnah Rose" Concentrated Perfume Oil in a convenient 3ml oranate glass bottle - perfect for frequent use.


Non Alcoholic Perfume OIL Attar

  • Synthetic Madinah Rose have a clean, smooth and sweet scent.
  • 3ML Glass Bottle With Golden Cap
  • Madinah Rose Can be Used by both Men and Women.
  • This perfume Attar is liked by all ages.


Rose perfumes are made from attar of roses or rose oil, which is a mixture of volatile essential oils obtained by steam distilling the crushed petals of roses. The technique originated in Persia (the word Rose itself is from Persian) then spread through Arabia and India, but nowadays about 70% to 80% of production is in the Rose Valley near Kazanluk in Bulgaria, with some production in Qamsar in Iran and Germany.[citation needed] The Kaaba in Mecca is annually washed by the Iranian rose water from Qamsar. In Bulgaria, Iran and Germany, damask roses (Rosa damascena 'Trigintipetala') are used. In the French rose oil industry Rosa centifolia is used. The oil is transparent pale yellow or yellow-grey in colour. 'Rose Absolute' is solvent-extracted with hexane and produces a darker oil, dark yellow to orange in colour. The weight of oil extracted is about one three-thousandth to one six-thousandth of the weight of the flowers; for example, about two thousand flowers are required to produce one gram of oil.


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