Flash Speedmop Starter Kit All-in-One With 12 Wet Cloth Fast Easy & Hygienic Mop

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Flash Speedmop Starter Kit, Fast Easy and Hygienic Floor Mop, for Any Type of Floor


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  • Quick, easy and hygienic: Trap and lock dirt and grime without getting down on your knees
    • Quick, easy and hygienic: Trap and lock dirt and grime without getting down on your knees
    • Speedmop Wet Cloths are 2x thicker and wetter than floor wipes to dissolve stubborn dirt and grime
    • Fills your home with fresh lemon scent and leaves floors shiny
    • Remove really tough stains with the built-in scrubby strip
    • Recycle used Wet Cloths through terracycle, find your nearest collection point at terracycle
    • Safe for use across all hard sealed surfaces, don't use on unfinished floors/untreated/oiled wood/carpet



Product Description

Flash Speedmop is the quick, easy and hygienic way to keep on top of daily floor dirt. The handy Speedmop stick assembles in seconds, then keeps out of your way with its slender profile; which also makes it perfect for reaching awkward places like under the sofa, around the bin or down the side of the washing machine. Attach Flash Speedmop Wet Cloths, which are packed with a powerful dirt-dissolving solution to pull dirt from surfaces and lock it away. In fact they're 2x thicker and wetter than floor wipes! The distinctive cleaning solution dissolves tough dirt, grease and grime. Packed with classic Flash lemon scent. The thick wet cloth traps and locks dirt and grime, pulling it deep into the cloth and off your floors. To remove tough stains, simply flip the mop over and scrub the stains with the green scrubby strip. Once finished rip off the dirty wet cloth for a hygienic clean. Stand up to daily dirt with Flash Speedmop. Speedmop Starter Kit includes the Speedmop and Wet Cloths to get you started. Refill Wet Cloths can be purchased. Wet cloths are safe across finished or sealed hard surfaces, such as wood, tiles and lino. Don't use on unfinished, oiled/waxed wooden boards, or carpet. Even if you're still rocking a carpeted bathroom.


Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Perfumes

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What You Get
1 x Flash Speedmop
12 x Wet Floor Cloths