Ink Cartridges For HP 364 364XL Photosmart Printer 5510 5515 5520 6510 7510 7520

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Compatible No H364XL High Capacity Ink Cartridges For HP 364XL Multipack SD534EE / SM569EE
These New sealed Compatible ink cartridge. With Chipped Ready To Install. Fast Delivery from UK. No Risk Money Back 100% Guarantee. 
Manufacturer: A1
Part Number: H364XLB X1, H364XLC X1,  H364XLM X1, H364XLY X1, H364XLBCMY SET, H364XLBCMY SET
Colour: Black X1  Cyan X1,   Magenta   Yellow  X1         B/C/M/Y      B/BC/M/Y
Yield:  24ml,         15ml ,         15ml,         15ml,                   69ml               84ml
Product Type: InkJet Printer Cartridges
Status: Compatible, With Chipped Ready To Install
Condition: New,  (NON-OEM)
Used with

These HP DeskJet printers works the H364XL ink cartridge:

DeskJet 3070A OfficeJet
These HP OfficeJet printers works the H364XL ink cartridge:
OfficeJet 4620 OfficeJet 4622w
These HP PhotoSmart printers works the H364XL ink cartridge:

PhotoSmart 5510     PhotoSmart 5515      PhotoSmart 5520        
PhotoSmart 6510     PhotoSmart 6520      PhotoSmart 6520e   
PhotoSmart 7510     PhotoSmart 7520      PhotoSmart B010a  
PhotoSmart B109     PhotoSmart B109a   PhotoSmart B109c  
PhotoSmart B109d   PhotoSmart B109f    PhotoSmart B109n
PhotoSmart B109q   PhotoSmart B110a    PhotoSmart B110c      
PhotoSmart B110d   PhotoSmart B110e    PhotoSmart B209a   
PhotoSmart B209b   PhotoSmart B209c    PhotoSmart B210     
PhotoSmart B210a   PhotoSmart B210b    PhotoSmart B210c  
PhotoSmart B210e   PhotoSmart B309      PhotoSmart B309a
PhotoSmart B309c   PhotoSmart B309g    PhotoSmart B309h      
PhotoSmart B309n   PhotoSmart C309      PhotoSmart C309a   
PhotoSmart C309c   PhotoSmart C309g    PhotoSmart C309h  
PhotoSmart C309n   PhotoSmart C310a    PhotoSmart C310b  
PhotoSmart C310c   PhotoSmart C410b    PhotoSmart C5324
PhotoSmart C5380   PhotoSmart C5383     PhotoSmart C5388     
PhotoSmart C5390   PhotoSmart C6300     PhotoSmart C6324   
PhotoSmart C6380   PhotoSmart CN245B  PhotoSmart D5460   
PhotoSmart D7560   PhotoSmart eStation  C510a PhotoSmart 
Plus PhotoSmart      Premium PhotoSmart  Premium Fax
PhotoSmart Pro
These HP PhotoSmart Pro printers works the H364XL ink cartridge:
PhotoSmart Pro B8550 PhotoSmart Pro B8553