Jannat Ul Firdos Paradise Perfume Oil Non Alcoholic NEW

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Jannat Ul Firdos

  • Can Also Be Spelled As Jannat Al Firdouse or Janat el Firdose
  • 3ML Clear Glass Bottle with Golden Cap.
  • Plastic Smooth Ball Roller.

Jannatul Firdous name is derived from the Arabic word meaning The 'Highest Paradise'. This fragrance is wild and musky that will leave you and your friends mesmerized. This fragrance will lift your spirits.
This fragrance is unique in every way and will astound your senses.
- Original Jannet el Firdaus perfume.
- Masculine perfume. 
Pamper yourself with this unique, intriguing perfume.
High quality complements this original, fine perfume oil.

For any Arabic perfume lover this fragrance is hard to resist, a must try.

High quality, desirable fragrances that are very well received by men and women all over the world. Concentrated perfume oil “Attar” is alcohol free, safe to use. This genuine World famous  concentrated perfume oil is high quality and longer lasting and is free from alcohol; a little of this delightful, high quality, exotic, longer lasting concentrated perfume oil goes a long way. Surely this perfume is a true delight to wear.

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