Lenovo Smart Clock Essential With Google Assistant

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This Lenovo smart clock has a large LED display so it's easy to read even when you're half asleep. With Google Assistant, you can set timers, check the weather or add items to your shopping list without lifting a finger. Just start your command with “Hey Google” and away you go. Struggle getting up in the morning? Wake up to your favourite playlists or radio stations thanks to the built-in speaker. And, when it's time to hit the sack, just say “Hey Google, goodnight,” and all your smart devices will turn off, as if by magic. If only everything was that simple.

Good to know
Google Assistant works with over 40,000 smart home devices, including lights, plugs and thermostats
It has a built-in nightlight, so you won't stub your toe when sneaking off for a midnight snack
The display slowly gets brighter to help ease you out of bed on those early morning starts
It can be grouped with other Chromecast speakers, so you can keep listening as you head to the kitchen

Box contents:
Lenovo Essentials Smart Clock
Power adapter
Quick start guide

Weight: 240 g