NEW Toner Cartridges for HP Laserjet CB435A CB436A CE278A CE285A 35A 36A 78A 85A

NEW Toner Cartridges for HP Laserjet CB435A CB436A CE278A CE285A 35A 36A 78A 85A

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Toner Cartridge Compatible with CB435A/CB436A/CE278A/CE285A



Compatible to following HP LaserJet Printers:

HP LaserJet P1505 Printer
HP LaserJet P1505N Printer
HP LaserJet M1120 printer
HP LaserJet M1120Nt printer
HP LaserJet M1522N printer
HP LaserJet M1522NF Printer
HP LaserJet P1005 printer
HP LaserJet P1006 printer
HP LaserJet P1002/P1003/P1004/P1009/P1102/1102W Printer

HP Laserjet pro M1130/M1132/M1134/M1136/M1137/M1138/M1139/M1210/1212nf/1214nfh/1217nfw printer

Compatible with following Laser Toners:

HP CB435A /436A // CE278A /285A

Canon CRG-125/312/313/325/712/713/725/912/913/925/2K-BK

·Inkrite Universal Laser Toner Cartridge Compatible with HP CB436A/CB435A/CE285A and Canon 725. Inkrite Laser Toner produces high resolution printouts with impressively sharp images and text.Inkrite toners are specifically matched high quality OPCs so that their tribo-electric characteristics are in balance with the OPC surface voltages. A uniform particle size range to avoid end of life backgrounding problems and half-tone degradation. High-resolution toner cartridge produces sharp images and text · Equivalent or better quality than OEM · Higher page yield than OEM · All Inkrite Toners made from "Used-once" outer shells.Crisp and vivid printing technology. Inkrite really is speak quality in a box. Product is very easy to use-extremely accurate in positioning on the paper and the black come out superbly. The box and packaging all looked very professional and the toner itself is identical (except for logos) to the HP toner the printer came with. The printer had no problem recognising the new toner and printing results are just as good as the HP toner. Price is also very good compared to HP branded toner cartridges. The only reason I haven't given five stars is that I cannot compare the service life of the toner until it needs replacing. I recommend this as a replacement to anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to HP Another fine addition from the people that brought you Inkrite inkjets and toners.