Spanish Hot Chocolate Thick Delicious Drink Sealed Best Cocoa Powder Energy Milk

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Spanish Hot Chocolate Thick Delicious Chocolate Sealed

 Weight:- 350 Grams

The secret is out...
One of the most THICKEST and absolutely DELICIOUS hot chocolate drinks is now available to the general public

Just imagine for a moment...Think of your favourite bar of milk chocolate placed in a cup. Over a low heat, melt it slowly until it turns to a creamy hot liquid.

You've just discovered  SPANISH CHOCOLATE !
This luxury hot chocolate can now be prepared instantly. To make it, just add hot milk to 3 heaped teaspoons full of the powder and stir.

 Ingredients:- Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder(20%), Starch (E-1420), Vanilla and Cinnamon

Suitable For Vagetarians