Tassimo Coffee T-discs - Pods Capsules 4 or 8 Cups - 30 Flavours To Select From

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Tassimo Coffee T-discs - Pods Capsules 4 or 8 Cups (Half Pack) - Over 30 Flavours To Select From

Tassimo 8 x T DISCS / Pods Coffee
35 Flavours To Choose From
These are Sold Loose

Milk and Coffee T‐disc are classed as separate capsules

Some flavours require 2 t-disc to make one servings, like Latte, cappuccino etc. Flavours that are marked as 4 servings require 2 t-disc to make one servings. Some flavours require 1 t-disc to make one servings. They are marked as 8 servings. 

Our Full Range of Tassimo Coffee Pods

We have Over 30 Flavours for you to choose from.

  1. Costa Cappuccino 4 Servings
  2. Costa Americano 8 Servings
  3. Costa Latte 4 Servings
  4. Costa Latte Caramel, 4 Servings
  5. Costa Vanilla Latte 4 Servings
  6. Oreo 4 Servings
  7. Cadbury Hot Chocolate, 4 Servings
  8. Carte Noire Cafe Long Intense-8Servings
  9. Carte Noire Cappuccino, 4 Servings
  10. Carte Noire Expresso Classic 8 Servings
  11. Carte Noire Latte Macchiato 4 Servings
  12. Carte Noire Latte Macchiato Caramel 4 Cups
  13.  Carte Noire Cafe Long Aromatique
  14. Care Noire Cafe Long Classic
  15. Jacobs Caffe Crema Classic
  16. Jacobs Cappuccino Choco, 4 Servings
  17. Jacobs Espresso Classico
  18. Jacobs Latte Macchiato 4 Cups Weniger Sub
  19. Jacobs Latte Macchiato Caramel 4 Servings
  20. Kenco 100% Colombian
  21. Keco Americano Decaff 8 Servings
  22. Kenco Americano Grande XL 8 Servings
  23. Kenco Americano Smooth 8 Cups
  24. Kenco Cappuccino 4 Servings
  25. L'OR Delizioso Intesite 8 Servings
  26. L'OR Latte Macchiato 4 Servings
  27. L'OR Decaffeinato 8 Servings
  28. LOR XL Classic 8 Servings
  29. Milk Creamer 8 Tdisc
  30. Morning Cafe 8 Servings
  31. Twinings Earl Grey
  32. Twinings English Breakfast Tea
  33. Grande Mere Petit Dej 8 Servings 
  34. Grande Mere Cafe Long 8 Servings

A perfectly smooth hot chocolate drink with the delicious creamy Cadbury taste, topped with an indulgent froth.
Per serving = 265 ml

Latte Macchiato Caramel (4 Servings)
Kick back and indulge yourself with this delicious latte macchiato from Carte Noire. Sweetened with caramel flavour and topped with a velvety layer of creamy froth, it’s sure to please.
Per serving = 275 ml
Cappuccino (4 Servings)
CARTE NOIRE Cappuccino T DISC bring you a cappuccino par excellence – great overall body with a perfect milky froth.
Per serving = 160 ml

Expresso  (8 Servings)
CARTE NOIRE Expresso has an intense taste, medium acidity and a fine and thick layer of foam, perfect to round off a great meal.
Per serving = 60 ml

Café Long Aromatique.  Formally known as  Kenya  (8 Servings)
Enjoy the distinctive taste of a coffee ground exclusively from Kenyan coffee beans. The result? A smooth and sensuous coffee with delicate fruity notes.
Per serving = 120 ml

100% Colombia  (8 Servings)
When something’s 100% Colombian, you know it’s going to be an intense experience. The rich indulgence of this coffee is apparent in its very aroma. As for the taste, it truly is something to savour.
Per serving = 120 ml