Tassimo Kenco Coffee Bundle Variety Box T-Discs Pods 64 Drinks Cups

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Tassimo Kenco Coffee T-Discs Pods 64 Drinks

  • 8 Drinks x Kenco Cappuccino
  • 16 Drinks x Kenco Americano Decaff
  • 16 Drinks x Kenco Colombian
  • 16 Drinks x Kenco Americano
  • 8 Drinks x Kenco Mocha


Total 64 Cups

Product description

Kenco Cappuccino

Smooth, well-balanced, frothy cappuccino.Contains 16 T DISCs for 8 delicious drinks. Use 1 T DISC ROAST AND GROUND COFFEE and 1 T DISC CONCENTRATED ULTRAFILTERED MILK PREPARATION WITH SUGAR for your Kenco Cappuccino.

Cup size: large


Kenco Decaff Americano

Well balanced, full flavour decaffeinated roast and ground coffee create our Kenco Decaff Americano.
Cup size: large


Tassimo Kenco Mocha

Indulge in Tassimo Kenco Mocha and enjoy the combination of velvety cocoa and smooth Kenco coffee, topped with a creamy foam.
Cup size: medium


Kenco Pure Colombian

TASSIMO KENCO Pure Colombian coffee T-DISC is made with Arabica beans sourced from coffee farms in Colombia. We’re proud to bring you this fruity and balanced blend, through the convenience of your TASSIMO machine.
Cup size: large


Kenco Americano Grande

Wake up happy with new Kenco Americano Grande – our biggest black coffee yet. Aromatic and expertly roasted, a mug full of Kenco will certainly get you through the day!
Cup size: large