USB Printer Cable Lead For Brother Printers  HL-2240 HL-2130 2250DN MFC-5890CN

USB Printer Cable Lead For Brother Printers HL-2240 HL-2130 2250DN MFC-5890CN

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New USB Cord Approximately 2 Meter Long.

About 1.8 M

Multipurpose Cable, Can be used to connect your Printer, Scanner, Cameras etc.




Product Description

Used with
USB Type A Male to USB Type B Male, Fully Moulded

31670 CBUSB2M interface Printer parallel cable Cables USB Type A Male to USB Type B Male - 1.8m , Fully Moulded


USB Printer Cable Lead For Brother DCP-J315W HL-2130 HL-2240 2250DN MFC-5890CN

DCP-110C DCP-115C DCP-117C DCP-120C DCP-130C DCP-135C DCP-145C DCP-150C DCP-165C DCP-195C DCP-310CN DCP-315CN DCP-330C DCP-340CW DCP-350C DCP-365CN DCP-375CW DCP-377CW DCP-385C DCP-395CN DCP-540CN DCP-560CN DCP-585CW DCP-750CW DCP-750CN DCP-770CW DCP-6690CW

MFC-210C MFC-215C MFC-235C MFC-240C MFC-250C MFC-255CW MFC-260C MFC-290C MFC-295C MFC-410CN MFC-420CN MFC-425CN MFC-440CN MFC-465CN MFC-490CW MFC-620CN MFC-640CW MFC-660CN MFC-680CN MFC-790CW MFC-795CW MFC-820CW MFC-845CW MFC-885CW MFC-990CW MFC-3240C MFC-3340CN MFC-3360C MFC-5440CN MFC-5460CN MFC-5490CN MFC-5840CN MFC-5860CN MFC-5890CN MFC-6490CW MFC-6890CDW

DCP-J125 DCP-J315w DCP-J515w MFC-J220 MFC-J265w MFC-J410 MFC-J415w | DCPJ125 DCPJ315w DCPJ515w MFCJ220 MFCJ265w MFCJ410 MFCJ415w

HL-2170W HL-2240 HL-2240D HL-2250DN HL-2270DW HL-2400C HL-2400CE HL-2400CN HL-2460 HL-2460N HL-2500 HL-2600CN HL-2700CN HL-3040CN HL-3070CW HL-3260N HL-3400CN HL-3450CN HL-4000CN HL-4040CDN HL-4040CN HL-4050CDN

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